Sunday, April 2, 2006

Australian GP

An exciting GP if for nothing else than for number of times safety car was out on the circuit (4). The GP started even before it actually started with Montoya spinning out during the warm up lap. As soon as the warm up ended Fisichella stalled his Renault and we had another warm up lap. Poor Fisichella he had to start at the back.

In the very 1st lap there were collisions and safety car was out. When the racing resumed Alonso overtook Button to gain 1st position. After 2nd safety car was deployed Raikonen overtook Button to gain 2nd position.

After 2 other incidents (one when M Schumacher banged his car into the side walls) with Safety Car the race setteled down to what looked like final positions with Alonso leading and Raikonen 2nd. But this was not to be Montoya blew up his car in the same Spot where Schumacher had his trouble. Though he managed to avoid collision and we were saved more laps behind safety car.

It even didn't end there, the moment of the race came at the very last lap when Button's engine stalled and his car erupted in flames just meters before the chequered flag. The team ordered Button to stop before the finish line so as to avoid getting a new engine penalty in Imola. Button was running 5th before the mishap. In any case it was frustrating drive for Button starting from Pole to not finishing the race.

Overall, an exciting race as compared to last time. I was disappointed though because Raikonen could not even challenge Alonso and I am supporting Raikonen in the season. As things stand the drivers standings are:
Alonso 28
Fisichella 14
Raikonen 14

Renault 42
Mclaren 23
Ferrari 15

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