Monday, April 17, 2006

Life has a Noble Purpose!

1st mail from dad to one of my friends.

Every time we wish to establish communications with someone unknown or having scanty acquaintances,we get into a dillmma i.e.How,where,when n what to start conversation with? It happens with everyone.U were therefore, no exception.My advice is to start the way life begins.Funny? Isn't it?And how does it begin?

Would u like to have a guess? No,No!don't give me that crap about DNA OR indulge in explaining Darwin's Theory.No, no; not that crap on 'Big-Bang' n 'Intelligent Design',please. Also, I don't want u to get involved with illustrating biological processes.

By the way, tell me,why do u computer guys make simple things so complex n then brag about having developed a "Software" to make that "Hardware" do something.U guys first create confusion n then get to engage people to compound the confusion,who further add to it.And I suppose IT industry thrives on the computer generated confusion in the world.Do u know all these computers will become ineffective if there is a release of EMP? What happens to ur so called 'Softwares'? (Develop a software which can make a computer work even during the passage/attack by EMP.Else develop a 'Hardware' which is immune to EMP.It is a food for thought alongwith the intended pun.) Learn from 'The Almighty' as to how to make a simple 'software' for as compex a 'Hardware' as a human being.And it functions under all conditions.

This is the Key: A 'Simple Software' driving a 'Complex-Hardware'!

To come back to my question again in a different manner,to say, "What is the software that makes a new-born(A 'Flesh-n-Bone-Hardware' rather than ur 'Wires-n-Steel-Hardware'!) commence its human functions?" And there r softwares for every passing moment of each new product(Human being).That's why they differ in their functions under similiar conditions.Emotions, reactions, expressions, conduct, perceptions, views, responses n attitudinal-displays vary for each one.There r no two similarities.U know 'HomoSapiens' r not 'Homogeneous'.Therefore, there can not be any 'Uniformity'.The very act of imposing 'Uniformity' leads to human 'Chaos,Conflict n Confrontation'.This is the problem but this is also life.And the moot question remains: How does it begin?

U c there is nothing mysterious about this question. No, no it does not need a Michael Belligent's effort to unravel the mystery of the truth about the 'Crucification of Christ'.If u read his book, 'THE JESUS PAPERS',u would know that he was never crucfied.

He was let off alive by the executioner because he had finally exhorted his followers n the JEWS to pay the taxes. I suppose he got maarried n lived with his children secretly.And 'The VINCCI CODE', is all about protecting the identity of his descendants by a secret society of eminent persons.Well, no one may believe him but there r certain mysterious facts which points towards this. Like there is a claim by an Indian archeologist Rajesh Kochhar, in his book, 'VEDIC HISTORY OF INDIA' that Ramayana was enacted in Afghanistan.And mysterious n mythological River SARASWATI is actually River Hemland' in Afghanistan.

He gives convincing arguements to prove this.And I do believe him. I similarly feel Michael Belligent may be right.But why am I talking about all this? I should just tell u as to how does life begin! Why is this web around such a simple issue? Am I weaving a web around it or u can not read between the lines?

Look Adi, do not lose patience. Bear with me for a while. I will tell u how does it begin? But, then, we must be prepared to know this. For the time being relax n enjoy urself. I shall be back on the air shortly with an answer to ur curiosity. Till i come back keep thinking about it.

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