Thursday, April 6, 2006

MBA Salary

Front page news on Times of India, Pune edition was about the salary of ISB graduates. It has breached the 1 crore barrier and is the highest amongst all MBA grads (including IIMs).

A recent issue of Businessweek magazine asks the question: 'Is the MBA overrated?' The magazine studied the five highest-paid executives at each of the S & P 100 companies in 2004 and found that only one out of three had an MBA. Of the MBAs, only half went to top 10 ranked B-schools.

Graduate students of public health at Harvard University were asked: 'Which world would you prefer (prices remaining the same)? You get $50,000 a year and others get half that. You get $ 1,00,000 a year and others get double of that.'A majority of people preferred the first scenario where they were relatively 'poorer' but better off than their peers. That is why hearing about these tall salaries makes the aam junta uncomfortable. It does not matter how well you are doing, when someone is doing a lot better than you.

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