Monday, April 10, 2006

Winners write history

I watched Gospel of Judas as mentioned in my previous post. This was an informative program and actually goes on to prove history may or may not be true. Its just a reflection of one segment of population. Segment which was able to dominate all others and preserve its way of life.

History is not a book with everything written down. Its a collection of reflection by various people living in a particular period. Like this blog.

Now reading all this literature gives us a sense of what life was during that time. Based on the reading I might decide to write a book on the people at that time. This can be considered a History book. But remember I am reading today what happened yesterday. I am influenced by today's views and as such may have an inherent bias while reading the works of yesterday. Say I don't like (my society) cannibalism I would brand all the society where it was practiced as uncivilized. Now if my society comes to dominate the planet its views are carried forward and all the "uncivilized" societies come to bore the wrath of "civilized" societies.

This is how history is made - by winners who tomorrow will read what was written and judged today about what it was yesterday.

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