Monday, May 8, 2006

European Grand Prix

Ferrari and Schumacher are back. I would have loved to see this GP but I have no TV and I doubt there are channels in US which air formula 1. I hope Schumacher continues the form.

This was 86th career win for Schumacher. He won this race because of better strategy though I am sure he would have been driving brilliantly too. But it has been a long time since I have seen heroics from Schumacher while driving.

This leaves Raikkonen way behind in the championship points. The season will turn out to be a battle between Ferrari & Renault for constructors and Schumacher & Alonso for the drivers. McLaren will have to pull out something special to challenge Ferrari / Renault. A place to start would be to ensure that both their drivers finish the race. Last year as well as this year the problem for McLaren has been that they have hardly managed to get both their cars complete the race let alone getting both the cars in point scoring position.

Drivers table stands:
Alonso 44
Schumacher 31
Räikkönen 23
Fisichella 18
Massa 15
Montoya 15

Renault 62
Ferrari 46
McLaren 38

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