Saturday, August 5, 2006

Stagnation leads to decay & degeneration

You know it is the fundamental law of nature that anything not moving will begin to decay and degenerate as soon it comes to a standstill. It is true of all things earthly-whether living or non-living. May be, the rate of dissipation of non – living objects is very very slow.And NEWTON said,in his first law of Motion, " If a body is in a state of rest,it will continue to be so till some external force is applied". In the living-beings, the external force is the mind, which forces a person to get moving. If the mind starts resting then life comes to a full stop. A resting object will begin to decay.
Ultimately, it is truism,everything on this earth shall end (say die?). It is not for nothing our VEDIC PHILOSOPHERS called this earth as MIRTYU LOK (The Mortal World!)
Philosophically speaking, look at it this
way: -
· Every idea/ thought has a destination- where it just
· Every pathway ultimately disappears to make way for
another road that will finally reach a dead-end.
· Every morning ends up in the evening.
· Every childhood has old age coming.
· Every river has a course that ends up in the ocean.
. when celestial bodies explode they end up into
a black hole-which sucks up every form of energy.

When this happens,time stops ticking and there is stagnation. One must know that stagnant waters only breed reptiles or deadly mosquitoes and dangerous germs. They spread diseases, which brings death and destruction. Life is also like this. A static life or what you say ‘an inactive life’ only breeds the reptiles of mind which finally shortens your sojourn on this earth. So, what is the moral of the story? My old man said, “ Move On! Do not be a prisoner of your past”.

Move on; do not bring halt to your life by calling yourself a ‘Past-Your-Prime’ or ‘A Retired Person’. One is never past one’s prime time in life, as long as one is mentally alert and physically active. Age is in the mind. Think young; act young- you will never grow old.
The very thought of retirement unleashes the forces of stagnation or what they say in Hindi, “ THHEHRAAV”, which is the harbinger of degeneration. One does this only at peril to one’s life.

You may be aware that pessimism was the real cause of such stagnation in life. Invariably, negative thoughts are the hybrid seeds of pessimism. Positive thoughts lead to positive vibrations in life. THINK POSITIVE AND ACT POSITIVE EVEN IN THE FACE OF HOPELESS SITUATIONS. You will see that hopelessness would turn into a brilliant pathway to success and achievements. Life shall become a bundle of roses.

Hey, listen folks; I’ m not trying to bully you with self-acclaimed-enlightenment but merely putting forward my views on certain aspects of life. I do not expect a consensus or a general agreement on my views because we differ anatomically, biologically, socially, environmentally, educationally and whatever you may think of. Be rest assured, no two individuals can think alike. This is also the cause of conflict in all human activities-------ranging from ‘father-son’ duals, through ‘husband-wife-missile-firing’ to bellicose nations across the borders. All conflicts arise from this ‘ tailor-made-attribute’ of human race. What matters is the degree of disagreement. As wide is the gap, equally wide will be the conflict. Therefore, I’m not at all unhappy, when you dismiss all my writings as illogical trash. There is a definite merit when you sentence this missive as crap. But I only feel sorry that you do not, perhaps, fully understand the meaning of a Chinese pearl of wisdom hidden in “YIN-YANG” theory. Now, what is this?

The theory has a wider meaning. Simply put, it says, “ Within strength lies weakness; within weakness lies strength” or to translate into your language, it implies that ‘everything good’ has some evil in it and ‘everything evil’ has some good in it. So, you see even in my ‘trash’ you may find something interesting in it. Like this ‘YIN-YANG’ theory is actually an adaptation of a lesson from great Indian epic “THE RAMAYANA” by a seventh Century Chinese monk called ‘Huen Sang’. He learnt the story of the epic from a ‘Hindu sage’ in Varanasi (OLD Benaras). He was told that at the conclusion of the fight with Ravna, who was about to breathe his last, Lord Rama went to touch his feet to seek his blessings and solicit advice on matters worldly. This had infuriated Lord Rama’s younger brother, Laxman, who sought an explanation from the lord.

The answer given was, “ Laxman, you must understand Ravan was not evil though his acts were evil. He is very well educated and he knew the results of his evil acts but he lost control of his senses because of emotional fury, when you chopped off the nose of his cousin sister—Sawarurp nakha. He died for his family honour. In this zero-sum game of life, his evil acts surpassed his goodness and he has to die. But this does not mean there was nothing good about him. Even his act of abducting ‘SITA’, from the point of view of worldly life, must be seen as an act to redeem his family honour. And he was justified in this. You see ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ is a matter of perception. It depends which side of the fence you are sitting. Therefore what may be good for you may turn out to be evil for others. They are the two sides of the same coin.”

You see, this answer became a food for thought for Huen Sang and he coined the ‘YIN-YANG’ theory. In fact, this address to Laxman by Lord Rama has influenced many a great souls. All of you know about ‘Swami Dayanand’. His most favourable teaching to his disciples was, “ HATE THE SIN, NOT THE SINNER”. Doesn’t it have the same sentiments as were expressed by Lord Rama in his sermon to Laxman? Sure, I have no doubts. Anyway this was not my theme. It is just by the way deviation from my main theme i.e.----------LIFE MUST NOT HANG ON, IT MUST FLOW LIKE RUNNING WATER, FOR, FLOWING WATER IS CLEAN AND HYGEINIC AND THE STAGNANT WATER IS THE BREEDING CENTRE OF GERMS AND REPTILES OF DECAY.

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