Monday, October 30, 2006

Cornell - Johnson Interview

I had my Johnson interview on 10/28 with an alumni. It was a very pleasant experience. The interview started of on a totally unexpected question. Unexpected not because I was not prepared for it but because I didn't expect it to be the first one. I was expecting a more conventional "tell me about yourself".

My 1st question was why did I pick Cornell. Most of the interview was based on determining the "fit" with Cornell. He wanted to ensure that I had done my research on the school. He also touched upon my goals to ensure that Cornell would be able to deliver it.

The entire interview was very conversational. The alum was very candid and I was impressed by his truthfulness. I asked him about his experiences at Cornell. He also told me a little about his career. He also adviced me on what I should do at Cornell to make the most of my time there (all depending on being selected).

All in all it was a fairly nice interview. I think I was able to put through my goals and why I chose Cornell fairly convincingly. Now, as he explained, its all upto the admissions committee.

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