Sunday, October 8, 2006

MNC Customer Service

I don't dislike government, its the lack of focus on the customers that I hate. However, the MNC's are also not that great either.

In US, I find that customer service of many MNCs is as bad as the government departments. Atleast in India the customer service was better. The people there were more polite. Not so in US.

Firstly, you have to wait ridiculous amount of time listening to promotions just to be able to speak to someone. Once you get through and explain the problem you find its the wrong department and you are then transferred to another department. Again you have to start from the begining and explain it all over again.

In India 24/7 really means 12/6 (i.e. 12 hrs in a day for 6 days). In US 24/7 really means 8/5 . I mean sure you can talk to them but if there is a problem that needs a person to come and have a look at then those are the hours that they work.

So unless you are a big fish and have the clout don't count on MNC customer service being any better than government beaureaucracy.

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