Thursday, March 15, 2007

Blogger's spam-prevention

This post was written on 3/15. One good thing about the whole fiasco is that I don't have to do word verification before every post.

I have opened a blog at but I am more comfortable with blogger user interface. I am going to stick around sometime longer with blogger.

I logged in today (3/15) to find my blog blocked by Blogger's spam-prevention robots. Needless to say I am angry.

Frankly, with so many options out there for blogging, I am surprised they are implementing a technology which has not been thoroughly tested. I mean beta testing is fine but they should at least do some testing on their own.

I think the benchmark to implement anything live should be to avoid false negatives i.e. marking incorrect blogs as spam. They already have functionality in place to flag a blog shouldn't their "robots" give benefit of doubt to the blog instead of blocking it.

The spam prevention page states they are implementing this because of the ease with which spam blogs are created (some kind of automated robot). Shouldn't they work on stopping that instead of trying to categorize blogs as spam. What makes me even more angry is the fact whenever I post I have to clear word verification. I am not sure how they can think an automated robot can do that.

Finally, they did not even have the courtesy to send an e-mail that my blog has been blocked. I am not a regular blogger and could have really missed logging on the site. In that case my blog would have been deleted. Now that is just horrible. They already have my e-mail address how long does it take to create a functionality that sends out an e-mail when your blog is blocked. I guess they are too busy creating a flawed solution to spam blogs that they didn't even wait to think about it.

I am not sure how much time this will take to get resolved. I am seriously thinking of moving my blog to some place else.

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