Monday, March 26, 2007

India out of World Cup

After India's shocking defeat to Bangladesh and their inability to defeat Sri Lanka in an important match had ensured they would be out. Yesterday, Bangladesh defeated Bermuda and sealed the fate.

The world cup format was an exciting one in the sense that no team could afford to lose against the minnows in the group stage. I think in Super 8 it would have been a different story but each team had to win atleast 2 matches to make it to Super 8 stage.

After losing to Bangladesh Indian team was in a do or die match with Sri Lanka. And what a mess that was. I believe the team has been over-rated for a while. The senior players in the team are there not because they are performing well but on their past glories.

It is time that BCCI have a fair selection procedure on the lines of Australia. They should select players who are performing on the domestic scene and not on potential. It is all right for a player to not perform in 5 to 6 matches but then a limit should be set. The players should have to fight for their place in the team and not take it for granted.

The pathetic play in the world cup and their shocking exit has been a total disappointment. I hope players are held accountable for the fiasco. Everyone should be asked to perform at domestic level before they are allowed back in the national team.

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  1. Finally a article which I could read (and not fall asleep). BTW... F1 season has started. Next race -8th April, Malaysia.