Friday, April 7, 2006

Dad's Wisdom - Part 1

Part one of series of email Dad sent to me; ketki; mishy & vikas just before my marriage.

Hullo,how r u both? I was free, I thought of engaging u both in a cerberal marathon to c if u can fathom the depth of the end product of the mysterious game of two nouns using superlatives and adjectives to define the rising vibrations and speeding gyrations at the end of the boundaries of the black-hole of human anatomy.And Stephen Hawking says time & space merge at the boundaries of the black holes. It implies there is no beginning & no end.In other words between the two boundaries,time moves in a cyclical fashion.Simply put time repeats,It does not move on like an arrow.But that is for the universe. What is the answer to my problem.Do u know what I m talking about? Perhaps yes ,perhaps no.U see U will have to dive deeper into the emotive texture of terra incognita of a wonderful creation of the god's leisure time activities.OK I will explain.

Please draw a straight line between two objects,Say, 'L' &'E'.Lets also assume L & E lie at a distance of 'D'kms.Further, an object 'O' moves
between them at a constant Velocity of 'V' kph. Now
u c both ends r only connected by object O. How much time O will take to cover distance D? I know u both r science students U will hurriedly say D/V = 'T'
time.No u r badly off the mark. It is not a mathematical problem.U c u will have to take into account various 'Variables'e.g. Nature of three objects, attitude of 'O' ,emotional vibrations of 'L'&'E';external factors affecting movement etc etc.So u see this is where Einstien's theory of relativity comes handy. And Stephen Hawking too falls upon this theory to seek answer to his querry on elusive "UNIFIED THEORY".He perhaps now realises there was 'NO Big-Bang'. Maybe that's why he has reached the dead end of all questions, if only he can find the 'Unified Theory'.Perhaps taking a cue from him Francis Fukuyama has gone on to suggest 'The End of History' In other words there is nothing more to be discovered or invented. In otherwords human advancement has reached its pinnacle.But that is not the answer to our problem.

Ok let me put it this way.There is no knowing the answer when u r at the start point.How can u know the result without going thru the examination? This is the Indian Philosphy.U dont know the depth of the river by standing at its banks. U c:-

"Straws like errors upon the surface flow-
One who is in search of truth must dive below."



This is what I have been saying. U have reached the start point of the destination of love.As u cross the thershold the road will move zig zag.Love is a culmination of affinity,affection and infatuation.Marriage is a combination of love, anxiety and emotive togetherness. It needs adjustments, compromises and understanding of each other.Love is blind.Marriage is real.Love is an emotive contract between two individuals and it has no social responsibilities.Marriage is a social contract full of committments, acountabilities and responsibilities.There is a big difference between dreams and reality.Both of u r now knocking at the doors of the latter, I thought I will give u some tips. Tha in the next missive .Enough for the first time. Luv n bye.

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