Thursday, October 26, 2006

Kanbay acquired by Capgemini

Kanbay, the company I work for, has been acquired by Capgemini. The initial report (management talk) suggests that there are not going to be any forseeable lay-offs.

From my friends, who shifted to Capgemini from Kanbay, I have heard that the culture of Capgemini is similar or even better than Kanbay. Additionally, Capgemini are supposed to be good paymasters. All this sounds good. It will take some time for things to fall in place. A clearer picture will emerge only in Q1 of 2007.

There are questions that all the employees have but due to the secrecy of the deal there are no answers with anyone except the senior managers. They will be preparing a presentation and the information will trickle down. The presentations (open house) would be a good time to ask questions that I have.

In the meantime, I hope I get good news from the B-Schools that I have applied too. I am particularly concerned about Columbia. Since they have rolling admissions and I haven't heard anything so far, I am getting a little anxious. I keep refreshing the Stats in the hope something might change but nothing does. I don't expect to hear anything from Chicago & ISB interview before 15th Nov. Cornell results will come out by 17th Nov (I am interviewing on 28th Oct).

So, whether it is about Capgemini acquires Kanbay or about business schools, there is currently too much uncertainity.

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