Thursday, October 26, 2006


The toughest part about applying to b-schools is not how to explain the GPA, not the GMAT, not even the introspection for essays and certainly not writing the essays. The toughest part is the wait. And also the most annoying part.

There are different falvors to wait.
  1. 1st one is when you submit your application and wait for it to be complete. This is where the admissions committee reviews the application to ensure it is complete in all respects. This is the part where you are least concerned. Atleast you know in the worst case scenario you could correct anything that went wrong.
  2. Once the application is complete you wait for that elusive interview invitation. This is where your application is reviewed and the admission committee decides whether they want to spend any more time on you. If you do not get interview invitation soon you start getting anxious and want to know what's happening.
  3. The final one is when you have been interviewed and are awaiting final decision. In this case it depends on whether the school follows rolling admissions. If it does not then you are at peace and know the results will be out on a particular date. If it does then God help you. Life becomes an endless wait. You wait every instant for the decision. Your heart skips a beat whenever you are refreshing the status of the application. You become obsessed with BW and try to dig up any statistics which might indicate what is happening.

All those waiting for final decision for a school with rolling admissions - God bess your souls.

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