Monday, April 16, 2007

Bahrain GP

I have found a good way to catch up with F1. I just record them (using DVR) and then catch them when I wake up.

Bahrain GP was an interesting one. I was specially impressed by Heidfeld's driving. He over-took Alonso on the race track. I think this is the 1st time I have seen that happening.

Raikkonen, initially lost his place to Alonso but thanks to clever strategy he was able to get his position back.

Massa was under lot of pressure after his blunder in the previous race (where he ran slipped out of the race track and lost his position).

With the Bahrain results the drivers championship is tied 3 ways. McLaren still leads constructors but now with only 3 points. This is turning out to be an interesting season. Another 4 weeks for the next race.

EDIT: Corrections (as mentioned in the comment)
- McLaren leads constructor by 5 points not 3.
- Heidfeld last overtook Alonso at Monaco 2005 in a then BMW-Williams


  1. 2 observations -
    - Mclaren leads constructor by 5 points not 3.
    - Heidfeld's move, though a good one, was a result of Alonso's mistake of moving too much to the dirty side of the track to defend his position thus giving Heidfeld the outside cleaner line. BTW... Heidfeld last overtook Alonso at Monaco 2005 in a then BMW-Williams.

  2. Seems u missed Spanish GP which was again won by Massa. No one could threaten him. Hamilton was 2nd and now leads World Championship. FA was 3rd. Kimi retired due to some electrical problems. Coming weekend - Monaco GP.

  3. I did not miss the race but just did not blog about it :)...

    I will miss this week's race though as I will be holidaying during the long weekend.

  4. No F1 watching this season? Coming weekend - Monaco GP... again.

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