Thursday, April 12, 2007

Malaysian GP

For the 1st time in almost an year, I watched F1. I have been reading about it but nothing beats watching live action. Though the race was a l'll boring and all the action was over in the 1st 2 laps but I am not complaining. However, I did miss Star TV's commentary.

The race, as I mentioned earlier, was over in the 1st couple of laps. Raikkonen, my favorite driver, had trouble with his engine and ran a pretty conservative race. Hamilton, the new Mclaren driver, was impressive. He did not falter when Massa was breathing down his neck. In fact it was Massa who faltered and went of the track.

Overall, the race was very predictable. None of the teams had any unconventional strategy to give the drivers some edge. In the end it came down to driver's skills and with Ferrari and McLaren evely matched it was going to be difficult to over-take after the opening laps. Massa and Hamilton did provide some entertainment but that was short.

The next race (Bahrain) is in another couple of days. Alonso leads the driver championship followed closely by Raikkonen and Hamilton. McLaren has stretched their lead over Ferrari. Though, its too early to say but McLaren certainly looks like the team to beat.

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  1. Update - Massa won Bahrain GP.. Kimi was 3rd... LH 2nd... Alonso 5th... so Kimi, LH, Alonso tied at the top at 22 points. Massa is next at 17 and Mclaren's lead at the top reduced to 5 points.