Friday, April 7, 2006

Dad's Wisdom - Compilation

This is compilation series of email Dad sent to me; ketki; mishy & vikas just before my marriage. The posts have been published on the blog. This is link to all those posts.

Part 1: Road Ahead: A Road Map - At the Start Point
Part 2: Road Ahead: Road Map 2 - Men R From Mars; Women R From Venus
Part 3: Road Ahead: Road Map 3 - Marriage is Social Contract plus Love!
Part 4: Road Ahead: Road Map 4 - Social Contract is 'DHARMA'
Part 5: Road Ahead: Road Map 5 - The Virus That Kills Marriage - 'MERI MARZI'!
Part 6: Road Ahead: Road Map 6 - Negotiating Cross Roads!

Other posts:
Life has a Noble Purpose
Save The Earth
Stagnation leads to decay & degeneration

Shaayari - JALWA-E-ISHAQ

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